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Dane County Tree Board

Dane County Tree Board

Trees are an important component of Dane County’s infrastructure. At this time, the health of many trees in Dane County is threatened not only by disease and insects, but by the effects of community growth. To ensure the future health of our trees, more management information and public education is needed. The Dane County Tree Board is committed to bringing information to the citizens of Dane County about one of our most treasured resources: trees.

The Board’s Mission

  • Coordinate community forestry issues in Dane County
  • Develop comprehensive forestry policy recommendations for Dane County
  • Develop educational efforts on proper tree management
  • Seek public and private funding for community forestry management activities
  • Coordinate demonstration projects
  • Integrate natural resource issues into local and regional planning efforts


  • Partnership Award received from the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council through a statewide competition

Community Projects

  • Created a database of forest cover in Dane County using a Geographic Information System in cooperation with the land Information and Computer Graphics Facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Sponsored a demonstration of low-growing tree species that can be planted beneath overhead utility lines along the 4300 block of Milwaukee Street in Madison
  • Developed a “Tree Protection During Construction” demonstration as part of the 1996 Parade of Homes
  • Produced educational displays on oak wilt, protecting trees from construction damage


  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Wisconsin – Cooperative Extension
  • Madison Area Builder’s Association
  • Wisconsin Garden Club Federation
  • Dane County Tree Care Professionals
  • Landscape Maintenance Personnel

Tree Board Members

  • Michele Ritt, Tree Board Chair Dane County Board Supervisor
  • Adam Helminiak, Tree Board Vice-Chair
  • Marla Eddy, City of Madison Forester, Certified Arborist
  • Jay Weiss, Cambridge Tree Project
  • Laura Wyatt, Horticulturist, Certified Arborist
  • McKinzie Myszka, Arborist
  • Alexander Moderhock, Citizen
  • Matt Noone, GIS Specialist, Capital Area Regional Planning Commission


  • Adam Alves, Dane County Parks
    • Alternate Jaedan Festge
  • Brian Wahl, Wisconsin DNR

Tree Board Staff

  • Lisa Johnson, Extension Dane County Horticulture Educator