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Arbor Day

People planting a tree The Dane County Tree Board is seeking communities or organizations to partner with for an Arbor Day event in your area. The Tree Board will purchase a 1 1/2-inch caliper tree or larger. Additional trees may be planted, but they must be purchased by another source. The Tree Board will plant all the trees or work with volunteers from your group to plant the trees. The event must take place on public land within Dane County. Public officials, both county and local governments, will be invited to participate in the event.
You may view past Arbor Day programs on our website. If you are interested in this fun and educational opportunity or have further questions, please contact Lisa Johnson, UW Extension Horticulturalist, at (608) 224-3715.

Apply for the Arbor Day Celebration with the Dane County Tree Board

View Photos of Previous Arbor Days